Surface Decal (7030)

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Louie provides a timely public safety message to "Wash your hands!" with step-by-step instructions on this vinyl surface decal. These are perfect for anywhere people go. Display them by entry doors, bathrooms and the kitchen. They're also great for schools.

Product is 8.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide. Item adheres to surfaces with ultra removable adhesive that leaves no adhesive residue when it's removed. It will stick to glass, mirrors, laptops, refrigerators, and more. (Not recommended for walls.)  Price includes your logo in color. 


500 units at $2.35
1000 units at $1.59
1500 units at $1.15
2500 units at $1.09
5000 units at 87¢


After receiving your order, we'll contact you regarding your logo.