Stuffed Louie School Binder Pouch, pack of 50 (2840, 2841)

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 1 item=1 pack of 50.

These school binder pouches come pre-stuffed with several of Louie's handy school supply items. Stuffed binder pouch includes: binder pouch with LED Louie artwork, LED Louie pencil, set of four LED Louie crayons, LED Louie ruler and a Louie bookmark.
Prices for packs with logo on pouch. Minimum order quantity is 5 packs of 50.
Order Quantity Price Per Item
250 $2.49
500 $2.29
1000 $2.19
2500 $1.99
The custom logo kit comes with your logo in black incorporated with the Louie artwork on the binder pouch. (Louie items in pouch will not have company logo).