Power Town 4 Foot Model (1510)

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A customized table skirt and carrying bag for the table are included with this item. We'll contact you to determine your skirt preferences.

Please contact us at 205-871-8819 for questions. Models are assembled upon order; please allow approximately four - six weeks for delivery. If you have a need date, please let us know. Model price does not include shipping charges; shipping charges will be added to invoice.

Powertown™ is a high voltage demonstration model which shows a variety of contact hazards with overhead and underground service. The model consists of one or two wooden tables with folding legs and various components which are placed on the table(s). All other components (building, transformers, vehicles, figures, power lines, etc.) are stored in plastic containers.

The Four Foot Version consists of a single table and depicts a typical street scene. The powertown™ house contains the model's power supply. Lights mounted on the front and back indicate that the model is energized. A foot switch on the power cord controls power to the unit.

Models are easily transportable. Tables measure 2 x 4 feet. One or two plastic tubs hold all other components. Models can be set up in less than 10 minutes.

Powertown™ models are powered by a transformer which produces a 10,000 volt, 28 miliamp current. The current is much lower outside the house at contact points. This produces dramatic arcs when contacts are made. Crimped connections on internal wiring insure good bonds. Wiring to the poles, padmount transformer and excavation site are easily connected by jacks.

The following electrical contact hazards can be demonstrated with the 4 foot powertown™:

• Contacting overhead lines with an antenna,
• Contacting overhead lines with a kite,
• Contacting overhead lines with a metal pipe,
• Contacting overhead lines with tree limbs,
• Contacting buried lines,
• Contact with a padmount transformer,
• Energizing a vehicle with a fallen overhead line,
• Energizing a metal fence with a fallen overhead line, and
• Contacting a house service drop with a metal ladder (exploding pole transformer).

These additional contact hazards are included with the 8 foot version:

• Contact with a substation transformer, and
• Contacting a sailboat mast with an overhead line.

About the components:

Safety is important. Each powertown™ is wired with a foot switch so the demonstrator can control current to the model. A spring-loaded hot stick makes it easy to handle components from a safe distance. The circuit is protected by a 3 amp fuse. In addition, demonstrators should wear tested linesman’s gloves (not included.)

Each powertown™ kit includes:
• Demonstration board(s),
• Hot stick,
• Three grounded human figures,
• Model house containing power supply,
• Tree with figures,
• Metal ladder with figure,
• Three strand transmission lines,
• Padmount transformer,
• Metal fence,
• Table skirt,
• Die cast metal SUV,
• Grounded fire truck,
• Instruction manual.

Additional components which come with the standard 8 foot model are:

• Substation with gravel base, transformer and metal fence,
• Sailboat, and
• Double-pole high-tension line.

An optional agricultural table can be ordered for the eight foot model. This optional table is covered with a simulated field stubble. Demonstration components which come with the Agricultural Option Table are:

• Substation with gravel base, transformer and metal fence,
• Farm tractor and a choice of grain auger or hay elevator, and
• Double-pole, high-tension line.
• A pivot irrigation system can be ordered separately.

The purchase price of each kit includes a table skirt which can be customized with a color utility logo, name and safety message. Also included is a carrying bag for the table.

The instruction manual contains directions for setting up Powertown. In addition it contains helpful information on presentation skills and three separate scripts for demonstrating hazards to lower and upper elementary grades, first responders and construction workers.


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