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Moore Syndication offers a new computer training tool aimed at reducing electrical contact accidents. This product is perfect for electrical utilities, one-call centers, technical colleges or companies engaged in construction or communications.

Called PowerTown 3D, the product depicts detailed animated contact situations which can be played, paused and rotated for 360-degree viewing. Presenters control the commentary so that it's appropriate for every audience.

Accident scenes include: bucket truck contacting an overhead line, digging into a buried electrical cable with a shovel, digging into a buried cable with an excavator, victim contacting overhead line while climbing a tree, fire truck being energized while spraying water stream through a power line, victims contacting current when exiting a school bus energized by a downed line, and workers contacting electrical current when clearing a tree that is energized by a downed line.

The program gives a detailed view of a typical town by showing buildings, streets, sidewalks overhead and underground utilities and communication lines. The scenes can be rotated and viewed from any angle.

Moore Syndication provides both a written script and a video for employee training purposes.

PowerTown 3D is licensed on an annual basis. Licensees have the right to distribute multiple copies and brand with their logos, messages, etc.

For information, please contact Pam Moore at (205) 871-8819.