Play It Safe Around Electricity DVD (4370, 2740)

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This ten minute video represents the perfect electrical safety program for young children. It incorporates both animation and live action to cleverly teach electrical safety rules.

The video incorporates six of the most popular Louie television commercials. These vignettes, with their unforgettable jingles and action, help to reinforce the safety messages. "Play It Safe Around Electricity" is an integral part of a utility in-school safety presentations. It can also be lent or given to schools as an educational resource.

Louie's popular "Play It Safe Around Electricity" DVD is now available with English subtitles for viewers with hearing impairments.

On a standard DVD player connected to television, press the "Subtitle" button on the DVD player's remote control to activate the subtitles. The spoken words will appear in white text at the bottom of the screen. DVD can also be played with subtitles turned off. Note: The subtitle function will not work on computer DVD players.