Louie's Lab (2600)

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Featuring 130 fun educational screens plus an interactive quiz, Louie's Lab is available by annual license for unlimited downloads.

Mac and Windows versions are available (files are 32 bit). The licensing fee includes the design of a custom landing page to reside on customer's website. 

See more of Louie's Lab in this preview in a web movie format. (In the movie preview, we quickly navigate through the screens; on the real version of the software, user will click through at his/her own pace).

Louie's Lab is licensed for $1,500 annually.

Current Electric Universe subscribers may add Louie's Lab to their Electric Universe site for a discounted rate of $600 per year. To receive the discount, please contact Pam Moore at 205-871-8819.

Louie's Lab can be understood and enjoyed by both older and younger elementary school students.

A flying Louie, music, sound effects, and animations engage students' imaginations and reinforce the lessons.

Sponsoring utilities can offer this fun product to teachers as an educational resource and directly to children of ratepayers through the utility's website.

Louie's Lab is subdivided into four chapters:

The Lab describes basic science concepts related to electricity.

Louie's Lessons presents basic electrical safety rules.

Louie's Land describes generation of electricity and traces the path that electricity takes to reach the end user.

The final section, Louie's Game Loft, is a 10-question quiz that tests a student's comprehension of the lessons. The quiz pulls questions randomly from a database, so the quiz is different each time it's taken.