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Please contact Pam Moore for a quote at (205) 871-8819.

Louie's Electronic Teacher Kits make it easy to teach students in K-6 about electrical safety. Developed with guidance by educational consultants, lessons and activities are ready-made capsules to assist in teaching young students about electricity and electrical safety.

The teacher kits are offered as a web-based annual subscription with your own unique web address and your company logo prominently displayed. 

Educators may choose lesson plans and activities that are segmented for grades K-2, grades 3-4 and grades 5-6.

• The Grades K-2 kit teaches basic science lessons about electricity. It contains a teacher overview, four lesson plans, nine activities, pre- and post-tests, four discussion posters, a safety poster and family safety activity.

• The Grades 3-4 kit contains a teacher overview, five lesson plans, ten activities, pre- and post-tests, a "What would you do if..." activity, four discussion posters, a family safety activity and Power Facts.

• The Grades 5-6 kit contains a teacher overview, nine lessons, four activities, pre- and post-tests, four discussion posters, four lesson notes, a safety poster and family safety activity.

All lessons and activities are printable pdf documents. The kits support National Core Curriculum Standards.

We host the site. You simply promote your unique link to educators in your service area.

Subscription is easy! Prices quotes available within 24 hours. for more information, please contact Pam Moore at 205-871-8819.