Louie's Electrical Lessons DVD (5020) & USB (5021)

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Louie’s Electrical Lessons delivers timeless safety messages in a fun and memorable 12-minute video! Louie’s Electrical Lessons  follows the education of Lenny the Lightning Bug Larva, who aspires to grow into a full-fledged electrical safety bug—just like Louie. Watch a short preview here!

The video incorporates five reformatted, high definition Louie commercials that display Louie’s CFL bulb shape. These include: Home, Cords, Downed Lines, Signs, and Power Lines. Also featured is the classic Louie spot, Turnin’ On, which explains generation and transmission.

The video also discusses energy-efficient lighting, alternate fuels to power generators and solar power.

Louie’s Electrical Lessons is also available by license for unlimited downloads on a utility’s website. Please contact Pam Moore at 205-871-8819 for more information.