Louie Safety Stickers A, B, C and D (1575, 1576, 1577, 1578)

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Stickers have been updated to show Louie with LED bulb! 

Please choose which roll you'd like to receive on the pulldown menu above.

Each sticker has perforation for easy tearing. Give out individually, in sets of two, or sets of four. Sold in rolls of 4,000 stickers. 

The Style A rolls contains these safety messages: 

Keep fingers and keys away from these [sockets]. 

Don't use hair dryers or hair curlers around baths or showers. 

Don't climb trees near power lines. 

You've got to stay away from power lines. 

The Style B roll features the following safety messages: 

Don't hang around when power lines are down. 

Never pull a plug out by the cord. 

Never overload outlets with too many plugs. 

Never go near substations.

Style C messages: 

Never fly kites near power lines. 

Never use tools near power lines. 

Keep sailboat masts away from power lines. 

Keep ladders away from power lines. 

Style D messages:

Louie says, "Stay say from transformers and substations!"

Louie says, "Stay say from any electrical equipment if you're wet!"

Louie says, "Don't climb trees near power lines!"

Louie says, "Never fly mylar balloons or drones near power lines!"

Stickers measure 3 1/8 inches by 1 3/4 inches.