Louie Inflatable Costume (4714)

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Costumes are built upon order; please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for construction.

The inflatable Louie costume offers big advantages over traditional foam costumes. Inflatable costumes are cooler and lighter weight, which makes it easier on the wearer. Inside the costume, the temperature is only a few degrees higher than the outside ambient temperature. The costume's lighter weight also saves money whenever the costume is shipped.

The Louie inflatable costume gets its shape from a constantly-running fan powered by a battery waistpack. The wearer has room to move around inside the suit, and your arms can be moved in and out of each of Louie's four arms to give the illusion that all Louie's arms move. 



Getting in and out of the costume is easy and takes just a few minutes. Start by putting on a light vest that contains the battery pack. Step into the legs and put your own shoes on, then strap those into Louie's shoes. Connect three buckles that attach the costume to the vest, then connect the battery cable  to the fan cable and switch it on. The wearer then lifts the body over his/her head and zips it around the suit. Costume inflates in one to two minutes.  

Costume includes a battery charger and two high-grade rechargeable batteries. Battery life is approximately 90 minutes and charge time is approximately 60 minutes. The costume requires one battery, so one can be charged while the other is worn in the suit.

 The costume can be cleaned with a rag or soft brush and mild detergent. After cleaning or wearing, it is essential that the inflatable costume be completely dry before storing, or mildew may damage the fabric.

You can enjoy years of use with proper wear and care.

The costume ships in a trunk with wheels. The reinforced case provides durable protection of your investment, and the wheels make the costume more easily portable. Dimensions of the case are 43 inches by 19 inches by 13 inches. Fed Ex and UPS will ship this trunk as is with no additional surcharges or oversize shipping fees. Weight with costume inside is 65 lbs. The case is constructed out of ABS plastic that is wood-reinforced. The metal trim is aluminum, the corners are steel, the lid lining is foam, and the rest of the trunk is lined in Ozite carpet.

Please contact Pam at 205-871-8819 for questions.