Gas Safety Model (2745)

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A customized table skirt and carrying bag for the table are included with this item. We'll contact you to determine your skirt preferences.

Please contact us at 205-871-8819 for questions. Models are assembled upon order; please allow approximately four weeks for delivery. If you have a need date, please let us know.

There are three objectives of Moore Syndication's natural gas safety model: (1) dramatically demonstrate the dangers of line breaks with escaping compressed air, (2) provide visual aids for explaining safety in the home and along distribution routes, and (3) trace the natural gas distribution system.

This easily-transportable display is mounted on a 4x2 foot table with folding legs. Components are stored in a plastic case and placed atop the model for demonstrations. A removable, customized skirt attaches to the perimeter of the table by hook and loop tape. Customization includes purchaser’s logo(s), name and other art.

Three valves direct the air supply to breaks in the system. Line break simulations include: (1) a backhoe digging into an underground main, (2) a broken distribution line at a meter (the result of playing or working too close to the meter) and (3) a leak inside a pumping station or city gate. Compressed air is stored in an attached 5 gallon tank, or purchasers may attach their own inexpensive compressor.

Other visual aids include a gas well and removable photo of a processing plant. These pieces facilitate a discussion of the gathering, processing and distribution portions of the natural gas system. A cutaway of a home allows for talking about dangers of flammable materials near space heaters, safely operating a natural gas stove, and not locating flammable liquids near a natural gas water heater. Both above and below ground main valves are positioned near the pumping station/city gate to allow for admonitions of not attempting to open or close them by first responders of the general public. Plastic figures of police and fire service representatives and a utility employee are included with the model to aid the presenter with demonstrations.

Purchasers can choose to attach their own tank or small compressor to the model, or the Gas Model can be ordered with five gallon tank. A connector hose with 3/8 inch quick connectors is included with the model.

This model can be used as a companion to the popular powerTOWN electrical safety model, or it can stand alone. Its table is the same size as a powerTOWN table and can be placed alongside the electrical display for a combination-utility safety demonstration.