Happy 2020!

Happy 2020!

Moore Syndication had a very busy year in 2019 and we have already started working hard for our clients. We expect 2020 to be our biggest year yet!

News from 2019

Moore Syndication celebrated our 30th year in business and while this was a big milestone we didn’t even have time for cake. We had a “hooray” in our staff meeting and moved right back to our client work.

FirstEnergy booksSpeaking of clients, Moore Syndication took on FirstEnergy’s safety outreach to children starting in January 2020. This is a huge undertaking as we will reach out to more than 4,000 schools in a the service territory of 10 operating companies. We are so pumped and we are getting responses from teachers even before packets mailed! Looks like the teachers are excited to share the FirstEnergy electrical safety information too. 

Some sad news

Jack Sheldon, the talent who voiced the the Louie the Lightning Bug® animated character passed away on December 31st, 2019. Jack lent his voice to so many memorable projects, like ABC's Schoolhouse Rock! He was a Jazz great, actor and TV star. Jack will be greatly missed, but his light will never fade as long as Louie is around to teach children about electrical safety. May he rest in peace and if you want to know more about Jack, just check him out here or on YouTube. If you would like to hear what made Jack’s talents so special, view one of the Louie spots here.

Staff news

We are so pleased to announce that Vic Wheeler joined Moore Syndication in 2019. Vic spent much of his early career as a graphic designer and graphics manager at Alabama Power Company. He then owned his own graphic design company for 14 years. Following that, he was hired away to multi-task for an online retail/wholesale company where gained experience in online marketing and analytics. All that led him to Moore Syndication where we are so blessed to have him as we start the new decade.