Back to School 2021

Back to School 2021

Communication Strategies: Diversify Your Messaging

The 2021 school year is here. With the pandemic still present, it's not always possible to make in-school visits or attend community events to teach safety. 

Safety education remains vital. Safety hazards involving electricity and natural gas will always be present, so it’s important to continue reaching the public with safety messages. 

Reaching children is of significant importance. As they learn about the world around them, it is a mission of utilities to teach children the key concepts of safety regarding electricity and natural gas. 

Safety education is a great way to elicit positive attitudes about your company. It educates the public about safe use of your product. It’s a great avenue for soft brand marketing to current and future rate payers. It demonstrates to your regulators your commitment to public safety.

The best way to ensure continued reach is through diversifying the ways your utility delivers safety messaging.  

• Attend in-person events when possible to present your safety demonstrations and to hand out materials that reinforce your messaging. 

• Take advantage of social media to reach those who don’t attend events. 

• Supply materials and teaching aids to schools to get your message in the classroom. 

• Offer safety-specific websites that focus on educating the public. 

Moore Syndication offers numerous products and services to help achieve your safety messaging goals.

In-Person School Visits and Events

The Power Town electrical safety demonstration model is a proven product. Draw dramatic arcs on this tabletop display of a neighborhood scene to show hazards associated with downed lines, padmount transformers, climbing trees near power lines, digging without having utilities marked, ladders near service drops, and more. READ MORE

Offer handouts that reinforce your message. Whether your utility is an investor owned utility, electric cooperative, or a municipal system, Moore Syndication offers a multitude of items. The most popular giveaways are books, pencils and crayons

Social Media

Social media is an important avenue for safety reminders. Moore Syndication offers superb social media content featuring Louie the Lightning Bug® and Sniffy®. They’re educational, memorable and fun—the perfect recipe for a post worth forwarding!  READ MORE

Materials for Schools

If your utility is not currently making in-school visits, reach students by providing educational materials and teaching aids.

Louie’s Electronic Teachers Kit offers lesson plans and school activities in learning capsules that are easy for the teacher to use. The kit is segmented for grades K-2, 3-4 and 5-6. The teachers kit is housed on a website with an address unique to your utility with your logo prominently displayed. Teachers visit the site at their convenience to download pdf documents of the lessons and activities. READ MORE

Schools love useful classroom items and educational materials. Books and stuffed binder pouches or stuffed treat bags are easy for the teacher to distribute and fun for the student. A take-home checklist allows students and their families to conduct a quick safety audit of their homes for common safety hazards.


Electric Universe and Energy Underground can be cornerstones of your utility’s safety program. Electric Universe was updated in summer 2021; Energy Underground is being updated with projected completion date of September 2021.

These sites, available by annual subscription, make safety available to the public 24-7! Each subscribing utility has its own unique web address with its logo prominently displayed throughout the site. 

The sites are segmented for young students, older students, and adults. A teachers’ section offers lesson plans and activities as valuable resources for educators. 

We host the site and perform all the maintenance. You simply link to the site and promote it. We provide monthly statistics based on visits to your site.  READ MORE 

Comprehensive Safety Outreach

Moore Syndication can assist you in developing a comprehensive safety program. We can perform fulfillment to your schools and provide analytical research to support your program. Please contact us at 205-871-8819 for more information.