Reserve Your 2022 Louie Calendars

Reserve Your 2022 Louie Calendars

Teach Electrical Safety All Year
with the 2022 Louie Safety Calendar 

The Louie calendar is the perfect way to teach safety all year long. Recipients will see your logo/contact info and safety messages many, many times over the course of 2022.

Calendars feature a different Louie safety rule each month as well as additional safety tips and facts about electricity.

The stapled wall calendar includes a hole for hanging. Fully open, the calendar measures 18.5 inches high by 10.84 inches wide. Closed, the calendar measures 10.13 inches high by 10.84 inches wide.

A drop section will include your company logo, phone number, website address and/or email addresses--whatever information you choose. (In the picture above, your customization replaces the Moore Syndication information.)

Your custom message prints in black and fits an area 9.5 inches wide by 1.38 inches tall. This area will be visible all year as the pages are turned to a new month.

Deadline: June 1, 2021.

Please let us know if you are interested before end of day June 1st by contacting us at 205-871-8819.


The final price will depend on the total number of calendars that are ordered. Our goal is to reach the $2.05 price point, but that is contingent on hitting the quantity discount threshold for that price.  Minimum order is 500.

How to proceed:

If you're interested, assume the price will be $2.05 each plus shipping, and let us know at 205-871-8819 or how many you would consider buying at that price.

On June 2nd after the deadline, we'll get back with you with the final price based on the number we plan to order. At that point you can determine if you'd like to place the order and confirm your final order quantity.​

Calendars usually ship in late August or early September so that you will have them in plenty of time for distribution ahead of the new year.​